Global Deal Law

You can speak English with us

The lawyer will become a real assistant and friend for a foreigner in Ukraine. We speak English well and know everything there is to do. We always warmly welcome foreign guests.

We offer You to do the following with us:

- Meet and discuss the details of the case over a cup of coffee;

- Define an action plan;

- Gather the necessary documents;

- Get positive results of work;

- Stay friends;

What types of services we provide?

- Company creation;

- Customs cases;

- Obtaining licenses and permits;

- Apartament buying;

- Civil cases;

- Protection in crime cases;

- Other

May we talk in Zoom or Skype before meeting?

Sure! We can meet and work online.

Can you represent my interests without my presence?

Yes! After signature of agreement you don't need to take part in your case. You can do whatever you need.

What is the prices of your services?

You can get acquainted with prices here.

What we need to first?

Just agree to work with best lawyers and get a good result.

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